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Admissions » FAQs


¿What is the educational level of the teachers?

Our teachers have a degree in pedagogy and they have a higher level of special studies according to their respective areas of influence. They are highly trained and up to date in didactic and pedagogical issues.


¿What is the level of the graduates?

The Jr. High students have an excellent level of production and understanding of the language, and this can be seen in the high school admittance tests.


If they have more classes in English, ¿will their Spanish performance be lacking?

No, the goal is that our students shall be very fluent in both languages.


¿What do I have to do to learn more about the school?

We would ask you to get in touch with us through email or the phone to arrange an appointment with the school´s office. We will give you a tour of the entire school and answer all your questions.


¿What is the enrollment process?

First, you should request an appointment with the school; next, we set a date for the admittance test; and this is an academic and psycho-pedagogical assessment; next, we provide feedback and we release the enrollment forms.